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Timeline:       14 June 1645


to Charles:

English Civil War : The battle of Naseby

In the open fields of that small Northamptonshire village, parliament's New Model Army destroyed the King's main field army. After nearly three years of conflict, this was the decisive battle of the Civil War. Only about 4000 Royalists escaped the field, most of whom were either cavalry or senior officers, some seriously wounded.


A King’s Present Day Musings:


Visiting Naseby was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the great work of Battlefields trust there are very informative markers around the key destinations associated with the events of the Battle.
I had a brilliant knowledgable expert guide for the day in Anthony Rich who brought to life the story in vivid description and fact.
Paying respects at the Blewcoat and Cromwell memorials was a personal moment to make the visit an extra heartfelt one remembering those who fell in battle.


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