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Dunfermline Palace

Timeline:       19th November 1600—1633


to Charles:

Here he overcame weak early years & walking disability. When strong enough (after walking the length of great hall unaided) left the Palace to rejoin his Parents.
A brief return visit was made in 1633 during his Scottish Coronation.


A King’s Present Day Musings:


My first visit to Dunfermline Palace was a highly touching and spiritual one. I first visited to place some flowers there on the date of Charles's birth.
The story of how he struggled into this world /fought against the odds to grow strong and conquer his inability to walk is inspiratonal & to view right where it happened was powerful especially knowing how tough and tragic life was to become for him after the day he left.
It may be but a ruin now but the character & spiritual side remain to tell the story. Standing like a Jewel in beautiful Dunfermline (a wonderful place to stay) , the palace truly shines with majestic presence.

I always miss/ long to return there.
Without doubt if anyone could say they have a huge connection with somewhere, then for me it is here.



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