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The Buddle Smugglers Inn

Niton Isle of Wight

I stopped off at the Buddle Inn first asking for directions to find the church in Bonchurch.
The warmest welcome ever from the kind Landlord and staff.
The pub is on a cliff top with fine views.
The interior is steeped in history and has so much character. You can imagine the smuggler's meeting to sell their wares.

At the Buddle Inn are old flagstones, beams, inglenook fireplaces, old photographs, with it is decorated with many old brass artefacts, utensils and kettles.

This area of the Island was notorious for smuggling. The buliding dates back to 1550 and was originally 2 farm cottages.
Over the years, several people have reported seeing ghostly figures walking from the fireplace across the bar of the Buddle, with into the end wall. The list of phantoms and poltergeists in residence at the Buddle include smugglers, sailors and customs men, all wearing very old-fashioned clothing, with long jackets and hats. Most reports are of them walking through the bar. However, occasionally they have been witnessed on the first floor.


Dropped in asking for directions to Old St Boniface Church, Bonchurch

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