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Christchurch Cathedral - Oxford


1625 (Avoiding Plague)      1629 (State Visit)     1642 to 1646 (Royalist Capital

Whilst Oxford became Royalist capital of England Charles regularly attended the Cathedral and worshipped in it.

The great hall was used for holding his parliament.

Tom Quad - Royalists penned up their mobile larder of cattle here.




to Charles:

A King’s Present Day Musings: 

Christchurch cathedral is awe inspiring and beautiful to explore.

A breathtaking piece of architecture.

You can truly use your imagination and picture the King sat in his Royal seat worshipping in the Nave.

Several stunning monuments of Royalists who fought alongside Charles in the English Civil War can be seen in the cathedral's Lucy Chapel. 
The guides to hand around the Cathedral make a visit a warm and friendly one and happily spend time chatting about the history of the Cathedral making it truly memorable.

A great place to soak up decades of history, view sights through the eyes of Charles unchanged or come to quietly reflect and worship.


Walking in the foot steps of the king

at Christchurch Cathedral


Watch the King return to His seat in

Christchurch Cathedral


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